Imagine a large city surrounded by amazing rolling hills, sprinkled with gems from back in 1893. The Spanish Colonial Revival structures and Architectural landmarks, there is a lot you can include in your itinerary while planning a trip to San Jose.  
Tourists from all parts of the world head to the Caribbean as it has some of the most pristine vacation spots in the world.
Rising high above Honolulu is Diamond Head, a large volcanic crater peppered with old pill boxes and military outpost from the wars.
Everyone who visits Caye Caulker ends up at the Split. Created by a hurricane in the 1960’s, the Split is a narrow waterway that divides the island and is also home to the Lazy Lizard Bar. 
KinderJet TV Episode #3: San Diego - Lots of Fun Family Activities
There are lots of fun, family activities in
Tenderloin, San Francisco -  5 Things To Do In The Worst Neighborhood
What if you decided to go on a dive bar crawl in San Francisco's 'WORST' neighborhood?

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