It's not an easy decision to take and surely not an everyday thing to experience!
A beach holiday is one like no other, it gives you the opportunity to really relax and unwind with cocktail in hand as you gaze out at a sparkling ocean from your hammock with not a care in the world.
Lamu is one of my favourite places in Africa, and getting around is a joy. There are no cars in the old town and if you want to get between islands you really need to take a dhow.
Massai women singing and dancing in their village in Maasai Mara, Kenya  
Glamping, A Luxury African Safari
Have you heard the term "Glamping?" Glamorous Camping.
The adrenaline rush of a lifetime! Jumping out of a plane!
What goes through your mind when you are free-falling from near-12,000ft at a speed of 114mph wit

Our first picture opportunity was the 'Big 5 Viewpoint', where you can't see any of the Big 5, but can see a great view of the largest satellite in the desert, Lake Naivasha, and a hint of white that becomes a mass of Flamingos once you get closer.


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