Budapest is infact a mecca for party goers and offers some of the best party venues in Europe. Youngsters from all over Europe are known to fly in and out of Budapest over the weekend for parties. There is something for everyone!
Budapest is a city with amazing architecture and history, but it is also the perfect location for adrenaline junkies, thrill seekers and those looking for novelty experiences.
Szimpla Ruin Pub
The phenomena known as ruin pubs have taken over the nightlife of Budapest a few years back, and established a pattern for success.
Budapest is beautiful during the day but it comes to life at night.
Timelapse Video: Christmas in Budapest
I took more then 15 000 photos for the puropse of making this video.
Exploring the Sights of Budapest
During our second day in Budapest we explored and experienced the sights and sounds of Budapest i

I just came back from my 10-day trip to Budapest. Pointless to say that I totally loved it! 


This summer I will be driving the mongol rally with three friends in an automotive yak (the pictures will explain this!).


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