When you think of Ireland, the things that come to mind are Guinness, sheep, green hills and Irish dancing. But the small island certainly has a lot more to offer than just Guinness and sheep.
We all have a bucket list of sorts. It may not be in the traditional sense of an actual list pinned to the fridge waiting to be ticked off, it may just lie in your dreams, your conversations with friends or those quiet moments where you’ve sat imagining being somewhere else.
Sunrise at beautiful Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia. © Nicole S. Young - All Rights Reserved
Road-Tripping Route 66
To celebrate my upcoming 50th birthday, I ticked off a bucketlist item and drove the
Epic Sky Lantern Festival Video - Yi Peng Chiang Mai Thailand
The Yi Peng  (Thai : ???????) Sky Lantern Festival in Chiang Ma

Beluga whales are the gentle giants of the sea and at SeaWorld San Diego, I had theopportunity of a lifetime to interact with these beautiful creatures.

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