I love mythology, so when my parents asked me if I had some ideas about where we would go on our summer vacation, I told them I wanted to go to Greece.
In September every year the women of Eressos on Lesvos host an international festival.
An Ios Sunset from the Top of the Old Village
Ios, Greece is a beautiful unspoiled island in the middle of the Aegean Sea surrounded by larger known islands such as Santorini and Mykonos.
Papas Beach, Ios, Greece
Seclusion is what makes this beach so LuxurIOS. Papas Beach is a beautiful cove off of the common tourist tracks of the Ios island life. Sit down, sprawl out and enjoying nothing but the beautiful sounds of nature - the waves, the breeze, and the birds. 
Spectacular Beaches on Ios Island
Spectacular beaches in Ios, Greece
Pothia, The Port of Kalymnos, Greece: The Must-Visit Spots
David presents a video to the island of Kalymnos' capital city of Pothia.

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