Watch out, this post contains spoilers.
Spain is wonderful. We have it all: an unequaled gastronomy, an amazing landscape contrast, and a huge historical legacy.
Have you been to Havana? If I would tell you that I've taken that photo there, you would believe me, right? But this inner courtyard is in Girona at the Costa Brava in Spain! There were actually a few corners in Girona, which remembered me to my stay in Havana a few years back.
Costa Brava, Spain: The Culture Guide
The region of Costa Brava is teeming with unique cultural attractions.
Things to Do in Costa Brava
Brian Cox of the Travel Vlogger shares his list of the best things to do when in Costa Brava whil

Who knew a damaged meniscus could bring me to Costa Brava... I didn't and Sven from Traveldudes neither. But his bad luck brought me good luck. (Get well soon Sven!)


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