Go and explore the paradise that is Ilha Grande!
Long before, I thought “paradise” is just somehow utopic.  Not until I set foot in El Nido, Palawan in the Philippines!   My heart caved in because there was too much beauty, too much awe.   
A couple of weekends ago we got to spend an amazing weekend at Tioman Island, Malaysia and were treated to some of the finest snorkelling and sunsets that the South China Sea has to offer. This is a seriously magical Island and one that has an "off the beaten path" feel to it.
Karimunjawa is located in the middle of Java Sea about 90km off the coast of Semarang. It consists of 27 surrounding islands with Karimunjawa Island being the main island.
Exploring Dark Cave and Paradise Cave in Vietnam!
On a sunny day in Vietnam, we decide to ditch the guided tour and go explore the Vietnamese caves
Video Guide for Siquijor Island, Philippines
Siquijor Island has to be one of the most under rated tropical islands in the Philippines.  

I’d heard stories. I’d been beaten half to death with hyperbole about this place since I first mentioned that I was going to Indonesia's remote jewel - Raja Ampat.

I'm tired and I even get more tired when I look at those numbers:
06:15 - 07:20
11:45 - 12:50
17:00 - 07:55+1

Those are my flight times. That means I have to get up at 2 am to drive to the airport. That's usually when I go to bed, but not wake up.


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