Whether you’re a resident or visitor of Barcelona, we know you want the best lifestyle for your pup.  Well, you’re in luck!
Did you know that rainforests are the world’s most vital habitats? Did you know that about half of the world species live in the tropical rainforest?
Hummingbirds are very common in Ecuador.
You always hear about tips on getting "that shot" - get away from the crowds, go off the beaten path, etc etc.
Video: For That Moment in South Africa
We jump above the rocks, we climb up towards the highest points.
Postcard from Rhodos
A few Days chill & adventures in Greece! Happy moments with my girlfriend.

Hey there everyone! Holy moly, I'm about at the 2 month mark until I get back on the road. My grandma is already getting sad about me leaving, but is pretty understanding most of the time... or at least she isn't constantly begging me not to go.

South East Asia is an emerging study abroad destination, and for good reason.

1. Culture


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