Nested in the middle of the mountains, the thermal river that flows through Montanejos, which is about 1.5h drive from Valencia, offers one of the best swimming experiences I have ever had. The water was fresh (around 20 degrees) and the view was breathtaking.
In the summer over 4,000 people visit the Mount Ijen, a volcano mountain on the island of Java in Indonesia, during the night to see the "Blue Fire".
Sunset over Mae Salong in Northern Thailand.
This road is waiting to get ridden.
Hiking Mt. Bukhansan, the Highest Peak in Seoul
My friends and I took a day hike to Baegundae, the highest peak in Bukhansan Nat
Grand Canyon: The South Kaibab and the Bright Angel Trails
You can't come to the Southwest without seeing the Grand Canyon.

Do you ever dream of cool mountain breezes and chattering streams running through beautiful green forests?

The Hamori’s head 60 minutes northeast towards La Salvetat sur-Agout to a little river with two other families from Angelina’s class for a camp out.

After our talk on the K2: Concordia Trek last night Jonny has asked me to upload the words I said on the history of the "Savage Mountain" 


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