Every journey begins with a single step- or in this case, a single bite.
Bitesize chunks of fish and rice all wrapped up for moreish consumption… Sushi? It’s always a good idea. But finding a great sushi restaurant can be a difficult task.
Visiting the eco beekeeping farm
After a late night out exploring all that Ljubljana has to offer in culinary and beers, we somehow found the energy to drag ourselves out of bed and into the car the next morning for an incredible
Ribarnica Fish Market
There’s certainly no better way to TASTE Ljubljana than to join in on a culinary tour of
Insider’s Guide to… The Izakaya
When visiting somewhere new it’s always handy to have a friend waiting to greet you; someone to l
Travel and Cultural Tips for Mainland China
Local customs, observations, and essential tips for traveling to mainland

Are you the one who is just petrified with the mere sight of meat and sausages?

Well, we totally understand the struggles pure vegetarians must be going through, while traveling all over.

New Zealand. a country known for it's exquisite beauty and vast tourism. but what about food? New Zealand has a good amount of unique yet simple food. in just about every food group or category. If you're planning on touring and visiting the beautiful country of New Zealand soon.


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