If you’re looking for something a little bit different this summer, why not head to a part of America that is usually reserved for winter vacations, Pagosa Springs in Southwest Colorado. 
Miami is one among the most beautiful and diverse cities in the United States of America.
One of the most emblematic sights of Sri Lanka is that of stilt fishermen casting their fishing lines while perched on wooden poles and crossbars planted out in the sea.
This is how I always remember the seaside village of Paternoster.   This ruggedly beautiful spot along South Africa's West Coast has become way more than just a spot to buy fish and chips or pass by whilst road tripping.  
Awesome Cebu, Philippines
This video gives a rundown of the best to see and do in the island of Cebu as we
Top 10 Things to Do in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
From swimming with dolphins and whale watching, to exploring the romantic beaches of Las Caletas

Fishing in the UK includes the option for sport fishing and angling. Sport fishing is most suitable for those with recreational kayaks as one can fish and also do other activities. 


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