As we entered a new year, I still wasn’t sure if we would be able to take our annual family vacation.
There might several ways to explore Petra and each one will be great, because Petra is just an amazing place. But I think an experience, which will get better with each visit, sounds good, right?
The Treasury of Petra is well guarded. I had to wait for quite a while to take a photo with not too many people on it.
After walking and admiring the siq for 1.2 km, suddenly out of nowhere a glimpse of the famous The Treasury just sprung up before my eyes, framed by the 2 sides of the siq .   Amazing!  
Hymn to Jordan
We went on a 10 day road trip with friends and had the feeling having been there once bef
Jordan "Unplugged" Petra #1
Episode 1 of my trip to the Kingdom of Jordan starts off with us headed to Miami International Ai

The last couple of months there were a lot of travel bloggers visiting Jordan. I've read their articles with excitement and loved all those nice pics.


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