Heading to the sunny US state of Florida for the holidays this year?
Christmas is an optimal time to visit the artistic and majestic monuments of Florence, monuments that you can see in the historic center.
I had a memory of Paris at Christmas time. I was lucky enough to go last year. I hate the cold, but when I think of this time I remember the chilly air with a certain fondness.
A Winter Vacation in the Ore Mountains
***For an introduction to the Ore Mountains and Reasons to Visit follow this
Frankfurt German Christmas Market, Germany
As soon as we arrived into

Salzburg, the fourth-largest city in Austria is probably best renowned for being the birthplace of Mozart, the setting for ‘The Sound of Music’, and for its intrinsic links to the Christmas season.

The Venetian and The Palazzo, the world’s largest Five Diamond resorts, magically transformed into the most majestic winter surroundings Las Vegas has ever seen, creating Winter in Venice.


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