Owned by William and Xavier, two fellows who hail from Paris, France, Al Cielo is a tranquil paradise located on an absolutely beautiful piece of land overlooking the Pacific ocean.
Finding a decent place to stay on a budget in New York City can feel a bit like the quest for the Holy Grail. Reviews of some of the cheaper places leave you reeling with horror, whilst anywhere that looks vaguely decent costs more than your entire holiday budget.
This is a hostel that we stayed in whilst in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Don't judge a book by it's cover.
Budget Check Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona is on of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, because it offer a big divers
Budget Check - Porto, Portugal
Portugal is a cheap country to travel to if you compare the prices with other western european de

Berlin is one of the most popular tourist destinations for travelers worldwide. Most travelers who visit Europe on their around the world trip, will stop in Berlin.

The question is where to stay?


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