Barcelona is a hotspot for all up and coming graffiti artists, and the city is full of artistic creations born from spray paint and lain on walls.
The city of London has a lot more to offer other than the London Eye, Big Ben, and Museums. To capture the best of the city, keep your eyes open while walking through the old streets of the city.
The murals in the Bogside neighborhood of Derry, Northern Ireland are part artistic statement and part political stance. The Troubles are chronicled on the walls of the city.   If you have an open mind, you can learn about this painful chapter in the city's history.  
This mural was created by Italian artist Blu in 2010, Modena in Italy and it's a collaboration with Brazilian artist Nunca.
Warm Liguria - The Mirror of the Living
"Warm Liguria" - film made in Italy during project Digital Diary Liguria
San Francisco: The Best of San Francisco
For one last look, catch up with all that Booker did on the "Best of San Francisco."

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