Frost covered grass glistened with morning dew as the sun peaked over the horizon offering first warmth to the crisp, autumn air. Runners outfitted in jackets and hats passed by the Keene, New Hampshire hotel restaurant, their breath forming puffy white steam clouds against the cobalt sky.
First there is the beautiful scenery, turned white under a blanket of snow in winter, wreathed in pink cherry blossoms in spring, bright green and lush in summer, and striking reds and oranges in autumn. Then there are the seasonal foods, the festivals, events and traditions.
Picture taken in the Autumn in the forest 'wandelbos' near Tilburg, the Netherlands.
A view of the Flat Tops Wilderness, southwest of Steamboat Springs, in Autumn.   Written and contributed by
Hiking Mt. Bukhansan, the Highest Peak in Seoul
My friends and I took a day hike to Baegundae, the highest peak in Bukhansan Nat
Seoraksan's Fall Colors
This week on EYE we travel back in time a few weeks to the end of October and the peak fall color


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