As a big fan of traveling, you need a good digital camera. It helps to capture those moments spent in new places. But, what’s the right camera for travel?
A warm wind blows across me, but I still feel a chill run down my back.
The outside of the converted Gasometer
All I can say after checking out the impressive 360-degree photo installation in the Gasometer Pforzheim is, "wow"!
As a city, Casablanca is full of extremes. In one part of town, there is valet parking for Starbucks, while two streets over, there is an"urban villiage" where people live as if they were still in the countryside.
What To Do With One Week in England
Through the hills of Cornwall and the streets of London, this is a one week look into our adventu
Sailing in Antarctica
When I was working on a cruise ship, we were sailing in Antarctica.

Cyprus is a beautiful, not-so-small island in the Mediterranean Sea, very close to Greece in terms of culture, but geographically located in the Middle East area. 

When my spry 92-year-old grandmother moved out of her house, I volunteered to go through the family pictures. 

There were enormous boxes upon boxes laden with family history and forgotten memories. It was a treat to be the one to sort through it!


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