Solo travelling is a symbol of freedom that leads to a fascinating experience.
Hardly anything compares to plunging into the unknown by yourself.
Tongariro Northern Circuit, New Zealand.
Looking over the area where the Mordor scenes were filmed for the Lord of the Rings movies. Mount Doom - or Mount Ngauruhoe, as it is known here - is just out of the picture to the right. 
Epic Ancient Shrine in Kyoto
I am Jacob Laukaitis, a 21 year old digital nomad, who’s already been to more than 30 countries i
Road-Tripping Route 66
To celebrate my upcoming 50th birthday, I ticked off a bucketlist item and drove the

When Evelin said we should do a stop over in Turkey before we headed to Greece, I was reluctant to say the least.

I called up my friend Lisa and asked her “So what’s the plan? Where do we go first?” 

solo travel

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