With the holiday season coming up, many of us have made travel plans. Be it over the weekend, a week-long retreat or even a month-long vacation, we’re sure you’ve got your bags packed and your travel list checked.
I am never a fan of long-haul travels particularly because it leaves my body aching and my hair in a mess.
Evening sun salutations on the rocks overlooking Likuliku Bay on Waya Island, Fiji.   Travel photography shared by The Globe Less Traveledwww.the-globe-less-traveled.com
The Traveling Yogi (Rachel Nelson) doing some yoga on a rock amidst the stunning blue glacier water of Lake Pukaki.  

Last summer I decided I really wanted to get away and relax.  

Usually I try to find cheap flights and flee the UK for as long as I can and as cheap as I can. But I decided this time to really take the time to get to know a place.


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