“Culture Shock" can be described as a feeling which is experienced by a person, when he/she moves from a familiar culture to an unfamiliar one.
The third largest South American country, Peru is a living example of natural diversity and wildest landscapes - from the frozen Andean peaks to the dense Amazon Forests.
Here are some of the younger children that came to Hayo school in the mornings. This day I got them to draw themselves. They were laughing so much at each others drawings. Some were very unusual, it was a brilliant day volunteering in Malawi.
Volunteering in Ciudad de los Ninos in Lima, Peru
I travelled to San Juan de Miraflores in Lima, Peru to volunteer in a care home for boys aged 3-1
10 Benefits of International Volunteering
This slideshow illustrates the 10 benefits of volunteering abroad, compiled using a selection of

Hey there everyone! Holy moly, I'm about at the 2 month mark until I get back on the road. My grandma is already getting sad about me leaving, but is pretty understanding most of the time... or at least she isn't constantly begging me not to go.

My Time in Ghana

Day one

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