To be honest, there is no way that you can avoid leeches crawling on you when you’re trekking in the Borneo rainforest.
During eight months spent travelling around Southeast Asia, I met a lot of fellow backpackers who had decided to pass through Malaysia quickly in favour of the likes of neighbouring Thailand.
Bamboo Band in Sipitang, Sabah, Malaysia - Original Sound From Local Band
Babies are all cuddly, especially mammals, and not excluding a baby orangutan here. I took this shot in an orangutan care center near Pangkalan Bun, Central Kalimantan. This baby will be ready to be reintroduced to the wild after some steps of rehabilitation. 
Ben's Sarawak Adventures - Tribal Arts and Food Adventure
In this video we see adventurer and explorer Ben Fogle experience a tai chi class.
Ben Fogle's Sarawak Adventures: Longhouse Living
In this three minute video, we see adventurer and explorer Ben Fogle spend some time at an authen


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