Sikkim is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India.
After a hard-working Los Angeles couple saw their friend’s photos from a trip to Japan, they became curious about the country; by the time they saw the 2003 movie
The largest Buddhist temple in the world under the supermoon light on Vesak day, 2556 BE. Magical sight, I felt so lucky to be a part of the rare occurence.    
We survived the gruelling hike up to the Tiger's Nest Monastery, perched on the side of a Himalayan mountain at 3,120 metres (10,240 ft), about 900 metres (3,000 ft) almost straight up. It was strenuous and tricky because of the high altitude, steep incline, and rough terrain.
Kyoto, Japan: Two Attractions You Need To Visit
The only Attractions to see in Kyoto, Japan
A Visual Story of 9 Days in China - Kaleidoscopic Wonder
I spent 9 days in China visiting Beijing, Suzhou, Hangzhou, and Shanghai.

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