Kayaking is one of the best adventure sports for thrillseekers from all around the world.
Last year during my trip through Central America my friend Hyden told me a lot of very wonderful things about his trip through the Balkan region and made me really want to check it out.
The Karst area landscape of Slovenia is formed as a result of the high concentration of limestone. Over time, acidic water has broken down the surface, creating underground drainage systems with sinkholes and caves.  
The Predjama Castle in Slovenia is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. The castle clings to a 123 meters steep mountain face and looks quite impossible to access from below.  
Ljubljana, Slovenia – A Look at the City, Food and Region
Ljubljana, Slovenia took me by surprise. It had almost been a decade since my la
Ljubljana: One of My Favorite Cities in Europe
There are not many cities where you can explore a city by kayak.


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