Tourists visit the US for to gain some knowledge about the life of different people, cultures, places, and food.
Many people who consider themselves to be boater enthusiasts want to enjoy as much time on the water in each season of the year.  
Montezuma Castle - A Captivating Cliff Dwelling in Arizona
Montezuma Castle is one of Arizona’s many historical treasures - it’s a captivating cliff dwellin
Antelope Canyon is a Nature Inspired Wonderment
Antelope Canyon is a nature inspired wonderment.

When I'm traveling I always try to plan a short hike or extended walk.

I started doing this when I  began going to Italy and quickly realized that walking was a way of life for most Italians.

Red dust kicked up behind my wheels as I hugged the inner curve of the dirt road. Through the passenger-side window on my right, I could just make out the 1500-foot drop to the gorge below.



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