Firstly, there are two must do's in Bali: Learn how to negotiate: In order to get a cab you HAVE to negotiate. The maximum you should pay for a private driver that takes you around to explore for 8 hours is 450,000 (around $30). If the driver is nice, you can give him a tip.
Once a sleepy village with a quiet, beautiful sweep of beach, Kuta today has become a popular beach destination in its own right, alive with tourists from all over the world, swimming, surfing or sunbathing by the beach.
Indonesia as a tropical country has the sunshine all the time. Tourist from abroad enjoying the sun by sunbathing in Kuta Beach, Bali, Indonesia. They said, darker skin is more exotic.
A sunset view when I was in Bali in October. Taken at Kuta beach area.

I dont know where to start if I should say about this Island, every corner has its own story. But let me try, let s say it s a blog part I about Bali , the story shall continue in the next diary, i promise:)




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