Iceland holds a special place in our hearts. We traveled to Iceland for our honeymoon and it was Mark’s first international flight.
Iceland is world famous because of its fiery volcanoes, icy glaciers, the original geysir, the Northern Lights and whale-filled seas.
Aurora Borealis or The Northern Lights, an exclusive natural phenomenon where no one display will match the next.  
Iceland: In Winter and in a Camper
Traveling to Iceland in winter is absolutely fascinating and worthwhile! Have a look!
The Aurora - Northern Lights at Kirkenes and Pas National Park, Norway
TSOPhotography spent a week capturing one of the biggest aurora borealis shows in recent years.

There are so many journeys I am still dreaming of, but this one I know, will always be one of the most meaningful ones to me.

My passion about Iceland has grown over the years. It all started with a thing for fairies.

Northern Lights

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