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Kangaroo Island (dubbed KI) is considered an icon of Australia.

One of the continent's biggest draw cards, the annual migration springs to life in the Serengeti National Park in October, the steady stream of game flowing onto the endless plains.

A Golden triangle tour, adding Ranthambore to the mix, is a popular choice among those tourists who wish to experience the joy of being in nature and witnessing wildlife in its true form.

The Big Five usually top any traveller’s checklist, but there are a number of endangered and critically endangered wildlife that also deserve our attention on any safari.


Tiger sightings have become a popular activity among visitors from across the globe. Wildlife lovers move to different wildlife reserves around the year to get the outstanding view of the ferocious and majestic tigers.

The Okavango Delta is one of the world’s largest inland delta, where one of Africa’s greatest rivers floods into the Kalahari desert, pooling in a network of channels and lakes, creating new islands and rewriting the landscape each and every year.

There are fewer experiences more awe inducing than watching an animal go about its daily activities in the wild. 

I am a born and bred Jozi girl! 

Johannesburg is the city that I have lived in my whole life and the city that I have fallen in love with.  

The journey out to Bardiya National Park could be cheesily described as half the adventure.

Canada is a country where you’ll find nature at its finest, from Barkley Sound in British Columbia - every day out on the water comparable to viewing the National Geographic channel - to the towering Cypress Hills, where the skies of Saskatchewan come to life.



Whether it’s the enchanting way in which Attenborough talks about the creatures he encounters, visiting the local zoo as a child or the connections we have with our own domestic animals, many of us want to travel the world and see exotic animals up close.