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When most people plan a trip to a National Park in the United States like the Grand Tetons, they give themselves sufficient time to experience everything the park has to offer.

It's as mesmerizing as it is beautiful. The scenery, the nature, the calmness of the river and the mighty Indian Ocean all rolled into one.

There are so many amazing things to do on the water in Canada, including kayaking, scuba diving and whale watching.

This incredible country is home to some of the most fun aquatic activities, and here are my top tips for enjoying life off land:

It's winter time!

Is that the season for abseiling? It sure is on Mauritius!

Red River Gorge is just an hour plus away from Lexington, Kentucky.

Before leaving London I've been wanting to do something touristy as one last thing to do in such an amazing city.

It's very easy in London to forget what is around you.

Travelling on the River LOT whatever boat you use is a fascinating trip.

Best of course is to have a barge to be able to travel up-stream to go to the highlight of the trip, Saint-cirq-Lapopie.

Quetico Provincial Park is an immense area of pristine lakes, pine trees, and granite rock located in southern Ontario,

Northern New Hampshire is really a remote place.

It's not touristy at all. All the locals are visiting here to fishing, canoeing, cayaking, and enjoying the nature.

Pittsburg is a small town but the nature around here is wonderful.