Winter Surfing in Porthcawl

Winter Surfing in Porthcawl

I had never thought of winter surfing, but when the opportunity knocked, I couldn’t refuse such an amazing experience. What made it even crazier was surfing in the cold waters of Wales.

As Porthcawl is a popular destination for water sports from beginners to experts, I took my first surf lesson there at the Porthcawl Surf School based in Rest Bay. This school is open all year round and offers courses and lessons for anyone who wants to learn or improve his or her skills.

The lessons for beginners are split into three parts: safety tips, how to catch waves, and how to stand on the board. Hugh, the instructor, explained us that his lessons are meant to teach everything in just one lesson. All the rest is a matter of practicing a lot, wave after wave. 

Hugh was very helpful and ready to answer any question. He gave us further tips when needed, and assisted us the whole time. Moreover, he took photos using a waterproof camera, so we managed to have some memories of our great afternoon. His passion for surfing makes him a great instructor: he’s been surfing for years in Wales and abroad. Then, ten years ago, decided to quit his former job in order to turn his hobby into the Portchcawl Surf School, now the most popular school of the area!

I really enjoyed my first surf lesson, and I can say that all my worries about freezing in the water were just silly. Those wetsuit are fantastic. I absolutely recommend winter surfing if you want to spice up your holiday!



The school is open every day of the year. In case of bad weather, make a call to confirm your lesson. There is a chancing room where you can have a boiling and relaxing shower. Don’t forget to bring a bathing suit, a towel, flip-flops and a hairdryer.


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