Why You MUSN'T Miss Tikal

Why You MUSN'T Miss Tikal

Tikal was the most unreal sight to see!

We went to Guatemala in June of 2010 so it was rather slow as it is the off-season and that I do highly, highly recommend!!

Normally Tikal is crawling with tourists and you get crowds of people in your photos. In June, the park was empty! The first day of Tikal, we saw about 10 people the whole day and got to explore the pyramids all on our own. The second day, we saw a bit more tourists still but nothing compared to the Disneyland-like crowds that we had heard of.

We saw all of Tikal, as we were not waiting for tourists or anything. We could rest and hurry as needed.


Tikal must-haves:

1. Insect repellent! (it is a jungle, after all)

2. Water, water, water. It is so hot and humid.

3. Good walking shoes. The park is large.

4. Sunscreen

5. A camera!!! You will see some of the most amazing sites of your life. The pyramids are grandiose. Truly a divine sight. They are massive and perfectly built. The Mayans truly left their mark through these amazingly, beautiful pyramids.


We went to Tikal from Guatemala City on the night-time ADN buses (well-recommended), clean and not shabby for the far ride. I am a deep sleeper so I slept fine but if you are not, take a sleep-aid as the roads are bumpy and the luggage can make noise.

We stayed in the actual national park of Tikal at the Jaguar Inn and it was lovely. You even see monkeys in the trees surrounding the hotel! Great food and bar as well. Though, we did meet tourists after that stayed in the surrounding towns and the island of Flores which were lovely sights as well.

Enjoy! These will be some of the most amazing sights you will ever see.


Travel photo shared by Sayra Moran


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