Why Barcelona

Why Barcelona

Photo shared by OK Apartment Barcelona

What makes you fall in love with a city?

Maybe because it has a perfect climate, its annual average temperature is around 15ºC - 17ºC. During the winter it rarely drops below 5ºC and in the summer it reach easily 25ºC.

So what does that mean?

It means you get to enjoy the city all-year-round without it ever getting too hot or too cold, and trust me, you would need more than a year to see averything around. 

Also you can see it in the picture, it has sea in the front, mountain in the back. Between, a city full of life, 1.6 millon lives to be exact, from every corner of the globe. What does that mean? It means you have no excuse to get bored here, sea activities like surf, sail, snorkeling or just laying on the beach during summer or hiking and enjoying the snow during winter and a multi cultural city all year.

Barcelona has a strong cultural legacy in its monuments and streets but also in its people. You can enjoy any type of food, any type of activity, Barcelona is the place where dreams came true, where travelers stop their journey, where you want to build a home.

Barcelona is like the girl that everybody desires, but you never get to have it all.

So, what makes you fall in love with a city?