Ty Coch Inn

Ty Coch Inn

The Ty Coch in was recently voted the worlds 3rd best beach bars.

Its located in Wales, I had to see for myself how this was possible.

A small white sand beach greets you with fisherman and their boats unloading their catch for the day, kids making sand castles and people of all ages enjoying a beer in the sun and looking at bright blue waters of the bay. After the walk you are well ready for a pint of beer or a cold soft drink.

The Ty Coch inn has Guinness,Carlsberg, San Miguel, Thatchers Gold Cider, Mansfield Smooth on tap plus some local brews from time to time. They serve food from 12-4pm daily. They have a selection of wines and soft drinks available, something for everyone to drink. The inside of the bar is only small and most people drink outside on the picnic table, the beach wall or the sand.

The Ty Coch Inn is great place to relax for a few hours especially if u have kids. Our girls has great fun building sand castle and dipping their feet into the water.Its like an adventure for the kids just to find the place. Willow and Marley where very impressed that they had ice creams their for them while the adults had drinks, chatted and enjoy the wonderful location. I must say after visiting the Ty Coch Inn i can certainly see why its rated the 3rd best beach bar in the world. There is accommodation available on the beach with a scattering of guest houses near by. I for one think it would be a great place to stay.

We had a great few hours at the Ty Coch Inn and if your ever in this part of the world make your way their and see for yourself why its rated so highly. Its requires some effort to get there but the reward is well worth it. The day we went there the sun was shinning and warm. What made it more special for us was we went their with friends from the U.K that we only ever see when we are on Holidays