Top Hiking Trails in the Swiss Alps

Top Hiking Trails in the Swiss Alps

Swiss Alps are in many adventure enthusiasts bucket list. It is considered one of the best hiking spots around the world.

Whether you are a rookie or a pro hiker, you will find a perfect trail suiting your expertise here. When it comes to hiking, Switzerland has a lot to offer than just basic hiking trails. You can indulge in other adventurous activities too including, snowshoeing, mountain hut tour, Klettersteig, and much more.

Getting around this country is a lot easier with incredible hiking trails that take you to breathtaking destinations. We have featured the best 5 spots for hiking in Switzerland. Ranging from expert to beginner difficulty level, the Swiss Alps has something for everyone.


Top hiking trails in Switzerland

  • Oeschinensee Lake Trail

Oeschinensee lake trail is one of the most beautiful Alpine mountains in Switzerland, its breathtaking views and glistering turquoise water will make you jump in joy. Therefore, don’t forget to pack your swimsuit to have a dip in the lake.

How to reach: You have to take a cable car to Oeschinen from Kandersteg. The trail start from Kandersteg, the path is a bit circular around Heuberg which will lead you to the path above Oeschinensee lake. You can hike down towards the lake and enjoy the way back the starting point after a splash.

Hiking time: 3- 4 hours

Level: Beginner


  • The Eiger Trail

It is considered to be the most difficult climb in the Swiss Alps. However, many beginner hikers also go hiking on this trail every year. It is a north-facing hike which is around over 4000m in height. The Eiger will take you to the most renowned mountains in Europe. This is one of best trail for hiking and climbing in Switzerland.

How to reach: Get a train to Kleine Scheidegg or a little near to Eigergletscher, where the hike starts. This trail takes you along the meandering trail where you can experience the challenges that climbers face. You will get an amazing view of Grindelwald valley as you move downwards.

Hiking time: 2 – 3 hours

Level: Intermediate or expert


  • Pizol Trail

The Pizol trail is popularly known as the Five lake trail. This trail house five crystal clear mountain lakes. You can even spot eagles, ibexes, and chamois if you are lucky enough.

How to reach: You are required to take the cable car to Pizolhütte to reach the starting point between the Walensee lake and landquart- Wangs. You will see the Wangsersee lake first, then as you hike towards your path you will see the glistering shiny Wildsee, Schottensee, Schwarzsee, and Baschalvasee lakes.

Hiking time: 4-5 Hours

Level: Beginner or intermediate


  • Aletsch Glacier Trail

Many backpackers found this trail the most beautiful one among the other ones. With a breathtaking view of the Glacier, you can see several other Swiss Alps peaks sparking with white snow.

How to reach: Take the cable car from the mountain station to Bettmerhorn, where this trail begins. The path is well marked, with the spectacular view of mountains in front of you. This is the longest glacier in the Swiss Alps.

Hiking time: 5- 6 hours

Level: Intermediate or expert


  • Planet Trail

The easiest and longest hiking trail is Planet trail. You will explore the planets of our solar system while hiking this trail, that is why it is named Planet trail.

How to reach: You can take the cable car from Saint-Luc to Tignousa. This trail will take you to many mountains with breathtaking views of valleys.

Hiking Time: 5 -6 hours

Level: Beginner


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