The Tiber and St Peter's at Night, Rome, Italy

The Tiber and St Peter's at Night, Rome, Italy

All of my photographs have a story behind them and an interesting situation which I can instantly recall whenever I see them.

I think this is one of the most important things about shooting while travelling.

Each shot you take is an opportunity later on down the line to revisit feelings and experiences. As it happens I do not need a photograph to remind me of the story behind this one!


Rome is one of the most popular places for tourism in the world for good reason.

It is famous for it's  amazing architecture, history, food, culture and all the rest of it. Unfortunately it also has world class pickpockets everywhere!

So there I was, at the train station having just landed on the first stop of my worldwide adventure. I was sat with my girlfriend on top of our luggage, $4000 worth of photography gear in a bag on my lap.


In my head it went like an epic matrix slo-mo style tussle where I fought bravely and they just managed to get away with my bag. In reality, one guy distracted me while the other swiped the bag without me feeling it.

To this day I'm convinced he was a ninja because I felt nothing!

The rest of my 4 days in Rome turned out to be dealings with my insurance company  mixed in with frustrating visits to some of the worlds most amazing places with no camera at hand to shoot them. On the last night I managed to get my equipment replaced and ran frantically in a blind panic to shoot as many things as I could.

This shot is of beautiful river Tiber with the incomparable St Peter's Basilica in the background.


Travel photography shared by Ben Ashmole