Through the Cloud Forest of Giant Waterfalls

Through the Cloud Forest of Giant Waterfalls

Yumbilla Falls

With a total height of 895m, Yumbilla Falls is currently Nr. 5 in the ranking of world's highest waterfalls. These falls are even higher than it's famous neighbor Gocta Falls but divided into four layers instead of two.

Hiking to Yumbilla Falls

The hike to Yumbilla Falls is still fairly off the beaten path. This makes it ideal for everyone who likes a bit of solitude and quiet while hiking through an intact natural environment. 

The starting point is near the village of Cuispes in Peru's Amazonas region. The path leads you through the rich green of Peru's cloud forest where you'll pass several giant waterfalls: Yumbilla Falls, Medio Cerro Falls and Cristal Falls. In total, you'll be hiking about 6km (return trip) or 3 hours.


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