Tanah Lot: Simply Spectacular

Tanah Lot: Simply Spectacular

Tanah Lot is simply spectacular.  It's one of those magical places where you get to and just can't stop staring at.

Tanah Lot is on the southwest end of Bali and is a temple perched up on an a little hill that sticks out of the water that surrounds it.  Depending on the tide, it can either be fully surrounded by water leaving no way to get to the temple, or if the tide is low you can actually walk to the temple.


For me, the best time to visit Tanah Lot is right around sunset which should give you some time to walk around the temple and the beach.  

Then once the sun kisses the ocean you want to actually get back up to the top of the cliff that will give you an awesome vantage point of the beach, ocean, temple, the horizon and the beautiful colors of the sky.  You won't regret it!

Travel tip shared by William Tang