The Stunning View from Verucchio's Castle in Italy

The Stunning View from Verucchio's Castle in Italy

Is that the view you expect to find when visiting Italy?

Then visit Verucchio!

Just make sure that you have enough water with you, because climbing that hill to reach the castle might get you exhausted, especially when you decide to visit Italy in the hot summer months! But no worries, Verucchio is not to far away from Rimini, which you will reach in around 30 minutes. That's where you can dip into the sea after enjoying the backcountry of Emilia-Romagna.

Rocca Malatestiana is also known as "Castle of the Rock" and it is an old Malatestian fortress. From its top you will see San Marino.

Verucchio itself is also worth strolling through. On the main square you'll find a small shop "Macelleria", where you can buy and taste some local and top quality olive oil and wine. Yummy!


Travel photography shared by Melvin