Street Food: Sichuan-Style in Chengdu, China

Street Food: Sichuan-Style in Chengdu, China

You can grab a whole chicken off a hook, watch a fish be filleted on the sidewalk or grab a bowl of freshly-made fried rice at just about any market street in Chengdu, China

With fruit stalls, butcher stations, noodle vendors and candy makers, market streets have just about anything and everthing to satisfy one's appetite. The variety is endless and the high-quality is pleasing. 

While Chengdu street food might be some of the best in all of the world, there are a few areas of the city that should be noted as having the best scene and the most delicious options.

Sichuan University: There are always various street vendors set up at the gates of the university. Travelers can't go wrong grabbing some street food in and around the university. 

Jinli Road: This area is well-known and gets rather busy, but the Szechuan cuisine served here is some of the best in the city. A popular snack known to the area is San Da Pow, which is made from sticky rice, brown sugar, beans and sesame. Other snacks include steamed dumplings, wontons and rice glueballs.

Shuhan Dongjie: This area is near Jinli Street and Tibetan Road with the same Sichuan-style, spicy food. It also boasts a covered marketplace where people stock up on spices and various produce.


Insider's Tip:

If you are a vegetarian or have a food allergy, eating street food is rather tricky. The only option of knowing what's in the food is by speaking the language, otherwise, travelers are preasantly surprised by what they're eating. While the cost of street food is very reasonable (between 2-10 yuan, which equals just a couple U.S. dollars), it doesn't hurt so bad if it ends up in the trash. For more information, or to plan a trip, visit CometoChengdu.


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