Southern Dalmatian Islands of Croatia

Southern Dalmatian Islands of Croatia

Build around the crystal clear water of the Adriatic Sea, the Southern Dalmatian Islands of Croatia are scenicly unlike any of its neighboring countries.

The old Mediterranean tradition from which Croatia formed is mixed with a modern chic flair that makes these islands popular destinations among travelers.


Some of the most popular of the islands in this region of Croatia include Brac, Hvar, Korcula, Vis and Lastovo.

While Hvar and Brac are known as the fashionble hangouts for travelers and filled with small towns, age-old stone-built architecture and beautiful marinas along the Adriatic Sea, Vis island, which was closed to foreign tourism up until 1989, is a less populated and relaxing destination for the independent traveler. The small inlets and narrow roads leading to the Adriatic Sea give travelers a peak into the unspoiled charm of Croatia.

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Insider's Tip:

For those looking to get away from large crowds and find their own relaxing space by the Adriatic Sea, head to Lastovo. The relaxing main village welcomes travelers with fresh local food and wine and the small inlets make this a popular destination among the independent-minded.


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