Skiing / Snowboarding: Helicopters Ain't Always Best

Skiing / Snowboarding: Helicopters Ain't Always Best


To get the absolute best ski or snowboarding days out, often hiking yields more memorable days and even better runs than heli-skiing.

For a start you can find yourself alone on the mountain with just your close buddies. You can get into terrain where helis can't land - especially true for tree skiing  and unless you go with a specialist extreme heli ski operation you can often find steeper terrain by hiking.

I like wandering in this type of surreal scenery which we found in Fernie, BC, Canada.


This frosted forest says two things to me:

ONE: There is plenty of snow - Whoopeee!

TWO: Watch out for wind loaded areas, that is where snow has been blown into an unstable layer on top of the older pack – it has a high avalanche risk. Knowing how nature is working around me like that doesn’t make me afraid, it makes me feel a stronger part of it - a depth of feeling I would struggle to get on a heli-ski day.