The Sign of Yamdrok Lake

The Sign of Yamdrok Lake

Yamdroktso Lake is located at the Nangartse County of Shannan Prefecture, some 110 km to the southwest of Lhasa.

It is one of three Holy Lakes in Tibet (the other 2 are Namtso Lake and Lake Manasarovar).

The lake is 130 km long from east to west and 70 km broad from north to south. The lake bank is 250 km long and its surface is 638 square km. Standing at an elevation of 4,441 meters above sea level, the lake’s average depth is 20 to 40 meters, with the deepest point at 60 meters.

It is the largest inland lake on the northern range of the Himalayas. Supplied with melted ice, the lake has a low level of salinity. In the Tibetan language, “Yamdroktso” is an ancient name meaning “upper pasture”, comparing the lake water to jadeite.


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