Rugged, Mountainous England

Rugged, Mountainous England

It might be difficult to believe, but this photograph was taken in England: Honister Pass in the English Lake District to be precise.

There are a few ways of getting up to this spectacularly scenic point.  

You can walk up a path to it, or you can be a little more daring and get your adrenaline pumping by taking a Via Ferrata route up.

Via Ferrata stands for Iron Way and was invented to enable army personnel to transport muntitions and supplies across the Alps to allied forces.  Since then, the general public have been able to enjoy the dizzy heights safely.  So, you can climb up and down on iron rungs and ladders, carefully walk across a metal cable (like a tightrope), and scramble up a net to reach this amazing point, with views as far reaching as Scotland.


Which route would you choose?