A Romantic Sunset in Parys: Surrounded by Reed

A Romantic Sunset in Parys: Surrounded by Reed

If I would tell you that you'll find romantic sunsets in Paris, you would agree, right?

But what if I tell you that you'll find as well romantic sunsets in PARYS? Probably you would think that I've mispelled the word?

Nope, I haven't!

We stayed at the Stonehenge lodge in Parys. Uuuups... how can we travel to Parys and stay in Stonehenge?

Easy, I've been to Parys, which is a cozy little town in South Africa, just South West of Johannesberg. We stayed there only for one night, but that was enough time to enjoy it and understand why so many people from Jo'burg head there for the weekend or use it as a team building venue with their company during the week.

Stonehenge lodge offers different varities of fun things like abseiling, quad bike driving, river rafting, archery, paint ball, survivor camp and low ropes.

But you could as well just head down to the river and enjoy how the sun sets behind the reed and hills.

That's what I did after a 44 meter drop of abseiling into a canyon and some fun minutes on quad biking.

My tip, go for it as well! :)

OK, maybe head out with the quads into the wild instead of doing it on the test drive area. It was still fun, as they have built in a few little hills, but the scenery around you is just breathtaking, so that you should head out there!


Travel photography shared for Traveldudes by Melvin



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