Reba festival - The greatest day of the Ngadha Tribe, Flores - Indonesia

Reba festival - The greatest day of the Ngadha Tribe, Flores - Indonesia

Bajawa is a hinterland town for nearby harbors and is part of the coffee making system of this area. Had no time to go to market for buying their famous coffee but i tried a cup of coffee in Bena village. I like the smell and taste, maybe still fresh.

Located in the middle of Flores although close to the coasts, Bajawa is a highland village in the centre of a ring of mountains. Bajawa is a lovely little pace and well worth a visit if you are staying in any of the surrounding villages or passing through. This is due to the nearby volcanoes, the gorgeous hot springs and the surrounding villages that area of particular interest.

These surrounding village have retained there unique traditions and social practices that are refreshing to view and consider, particularly the village of Ngada. Ngada is of particular interest in physical village set up and the culture within.

One of famous place is Bena village. When we arrived there, they were having Reba festival. Reba,a greatest day of Ngadha tribe where people express their admiration and gratitude to God through their ancestors for all lucky and successes that had been gained during the past year and on the same time Ngadha Tribes also beg and pray for guidance by which they could live with good fortune on the years to come. ...
Bena Village the oldest village usually be the first to celebrate Reba on 27 December every year.

I forgot to ask a guide for us :p, already amazed with their kindness to us. while we were waiting until stop raining, one of them invited us to their house. enjoying the meals, coffee, and little bit sweet palm wine. Also, didn't take many pictures here, really enjoyed with the festival and friendly people...



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