The Peacock and the Desert

The Peacock and the Desert

Peacock at Suryagarh hotel, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

A peacock on the terrace of a luxury hotel, Suryagarh, gazing at the desert sands of Jaisalmer in Rajasthan, India.

Due to its accessibility issues, Jaisalmer doesn't always make it to the top of the typical Rajasthan itinerary. Which is why, it is a great place to experience the culture and tradition of India, without being overwhelmed by crowds.

For a truly unique experience, stay at Suryagarh, a boutique hotel/fortress, during the Indian Festival of Light (Diwali). From prayers to fireworks and delicious desserts to stunning dance performances, the hotel goes all out to deliver an experience fit for royalty.


Travel tip:

When in India, if budget permits, opt to stay in luxury properties. Besides comfort, access to unique experiences (e.g. Haunted tours and non-touristy viewpoints) is unparalleled.


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