Paradise Cove: The Blue (Pool) View

Paradise Cove: The Blue (Pool) View

How would you describe this photo?


Finding a title for it was quite easy. All you see is fantastic blue colors and two pools (if you accept to call the sea as a kind of pool).

"Paradise Cove" is actually the name of the place, as this pool view is part of the Paradise Cove Boutique Hotel. When I arrived at its lobby, I've met my blogger buddy Caspar, who showed me a panorama photo on his mobile. I was amazed by it and asked where he took that photo. He took me 10 steps further and there it was... the view of that photo!

With every new corner this place provided a new 'paradise' and this infinity pool was one of them.

Paradise Cove Boutique Hotel is very popular for couples who just got married and it's a perfect spot to enjoy your honeymoon. It's a place to relax completely and to go through those very special moments you just had with your partner on your wedding. But it's more than that. There are also enough activities to keep you active.

I've done some wakeboarding, stand-up paddle surfing and snorkeling. Other activities in the surrounding area, offered by other companies, are kite surfing, scuba diving, sky diving and flying in a micro light plane.

I've stayed at quite a few hotels during my week's stay on Mauritius. All were fab, but this one was even a bit more my kind of place to stay. It wasn't too big, offered some good space and activities and all on a high level of service and comfort... and this view and colors!

Loved it!


Travel photography shared by Melvin for Traveldudes


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