Orange - Colorful Window in Santarcangelo, Italy

Orange - Colorful Window in Santarcangelo, Italy

This is a window, which I found in Santarcangelo and it's a hidden gem!

OK, not the window is a hidden gem, but properly Santarcangelo! That's at least my guess that not too many travelers know about it.

If you are around Bologna or Rimini, this city should be on your to-do list! From Rimini it's only 15 minutes by car or train and it's one of the nicest towns I've been to in Emilia-Romagna.


We arrived from the East and from the top of the city, where you'll find very narrow and dreamy alleys. Go towards the end and then down the steps to your right.

Keep the camera ready!

Every few meters you will find many picturesque corners, buildings and moments to capture with your camera!


Insider Tip:

Have your lunch or Aperitivo at Osteria Da Oreste in Via Pio Massani 14, just above the church Parrocchia Collegiata. You'll be surrounded by many locals and served really delicious food and wine.


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Travel photography shared by Melvin


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