One Day Trip to Ouro Preto, Brazil

One Day Trip to Ouro Preto, Brazil

It is time for my first trip in Brazil after a couple of years!

Recently, the Brazilian air market has become more competitive with new entrants in the low-budget segment: travelling is becoming cheaper here! The current promotions have actually convinced me to explore my land for hidden jems such as Ouro Preto.

Buses and airplanes are the main means of transportation in the country. Travelling by night buses might be a good option to save on time and hotel expenses – you sleep and wake up already at your destination!

However, if speedy travel is your first choice, look for promotions and try to find cheap flights in Brazil.


A World Heritage Site by UNESCO

In the history of Brazil this city is mentioned many times. Ouro Preto and the state of Minas Gerais were the stage for many important events:

- It was the focal point of the gold rush during the Portuguese colonization;

- The city still has a well-preserved Portuguese colonial architecture;

- the churches were decorated with gold by Aleijadinho, a famous Brazilian sculptor and architect;

- In 1789, “Inconfidencia Mineira”, famous attempt to gain independence from Portugal was launched by Tiradentes, major figure in Brazilian history;

Ouro Preto is also a university city and one of the best places to celebrate the Carnaval in Brazil.


Interesting sites to visit

  • Museu Mineralógico Da Escola De Minas (Mineralogy Museum)
  • Igreja São Francisco (San Francisco Church)
  • Old Steam Train
  • … ?  What are your tips for a day trip to Ouro Preto? Speak up!