Mocomo, The Eldest of Her Tribe

Mocomo, The Eldest of Her Tribe

Meet Mocomo, who I met at her Karen Tribe close to Mae Sariang when I went hiking around the area with I Like Local.  

I had the opportunity to meet dozens of locals, but to me, she was the most interesting of all.  Her real name is Nanla, but keeping with the Karen tradition, when she had her firstborn, Moco, she was immediately referred to from that moment on as Mocomo (mother of Moco).  

She is the eldest of her tribe, and while she doesn't speak any english, she can still communicate interesting stories from her past, which surprisingly go way beyond a typical rural life.  Of her stories, the one that captured me the most was how she managed to "survive" the Japanese during WWII.  She was never directly attacked, but the Japanese used the trails next to her village to flee back from Burma to Thailand.  

They were armed; they were dangerous! 

The Japanese took over Mocomo's village to use as a radio communication's post (of which you can still see remnants today), which meant they had the power to do as they wished in the village.  They killed the animals and tormented the people, this was now their place.  Mocomo had no choice but to flee her village and reestablish further up the mountain to have better chances of survival.  

This was routine that was repeated over and over for a few years as the Japanese passed through the mountains and valley of the area, using different trails that passed through several villages.

She wanted to avoid them at all cost; her survival depended on it.  After all danger passed, Mocomo reestablished in her village to gain back the peace of mind and her typical tranquil tribal life.


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