The Massive Glastonbury Tor On Top Of A Hill In Somerset

The Massive Glastonbury Tor On Top Of A Hill In Somerset

I have to admit that when I visited Glastonbury all I knew it for was the massive annual concert that takes place there and in the village itself there is certainly the general vibe of a town that hosts such an event, but there's history here like most any place so long inhabited.

In fact the massive Glastonbury Tor (hill) has been witness to human activity for thousands of years, including evidence of Iron Age and Roman forts. But the most fanciful legends involve the Arthurian Legends. In ancient times, before farmers drained the land for agriculture, the Tor rose out of a lake. In that form, legend has it this was Avalon!

The tower that dominates the top of the Tor now is the second of two churches to sit atop this hill. The first was destroyed by an earthquake, and the second was lost when Henry VIII disolved the monasteries. The lone tower remaining from the second church was restored in modern times and is managed by England's National Trust.


Travel photo shared by Mark E Tisdale


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